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The concept of Too-Face (pronounced "Toe-oh-FA-say") came about in the late years of the second millenium when a butter knife that was being used as a musical drumstick accidentally fell into a position such that it bisected a magazine photo, and a mirrored 2-face effect resulted.

The two 2-faces that were generated gave its creator the idea of a device to allow someone the ability to literally talk out of both sides of his mouth. Upon development of the prototype, it became instantly clear that this was a new way for a person to argue with himself in a most bizarre fashion.

Originally offered at $20 to cruise ship passengers in port at Kailua-Kona, the initial test-market sales results were incredible.

TooFace was shown to be particularly appealing to the "three-stooge" type of mentality in everyone, regardless of the individual's age. In the test phase of the product, somewhat unusual activity was observed in the behavior of a number of individuals using TooFace, such that adequate disclosure became necessary.

Accordingly, prolonged use of this 2-surface mirrored item is not advised. Although your symptoms may differ, TooFace, when used in front of of mirror, has been known to induce laughter such that body fluids were no longer containable.

Especially when used in connection with alcohol or certain recreational and/or prescribed drugs, TooFace may reduce its user to a blubbering, stark-raving maniac. Use TooFace at your own risk and please, for the sake of everyone, always near a toilet. Consult your physician before using.

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